Espressode 9: "LOGO MOFOs"

Espressode 9: "LOGO MOFOS". Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Che Guevara, the city of Pompeii and the Sign of the Cross are all part of the Orwellian clusterfuck Vincenzo and Emilio wade through debating the dominance of our culture's corporate logos. Written by Michael Arturo. Featuring Manuel Bermudez and Michael Arturo. Directed by Norma Vega. Production Assistant Mark Coger. Producer Norma Vega. Filmed on location at the UpHold Gallery in Little Toyko, Downtown Los Angeles.

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What exactly is DOUBLE ESPRESSO? This is a Web Series that "caffeinates" contemporary buzzwords and phrases in the form of mini-sodes or espressodes (as we call them). Our mission is not to create another banal and sterile "made for television" web series. We're aiming dangerously higher, demystifying the mass media's mixed messages, satirizing corporate doublespeak, poking holes in political hyperbole and unraveling the common and uncommon usage of every day language. DOUBLE ESPRESSO is the creation of Michael Arturo, a New York born theater professional, who has more than two decades of credits as a playwright, screenwriter, actor, photographer, videographer, producer and now a web series creator. Manuel Bermudez, a graduate of USC film, a filmmaker, actor and stand-up comic, is featured along with Arturo. With Bermudez's stand up comedic talent and Arturo's background in theater, the espressodes are animated in the style of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Steven Colbert, Woody Allen and the Theater of the Absurd.