Sandra Dee Manoukian and Arnold G Speaks at 4th Annual Arnold G’s Birthday Bash Celebration

Sandra Dee Manoukian (birthday girl) and Arnold G (birthday boy) Speaks at 4th Annual Arnold G’s Birthday Bash Celebration.

On Saturday, November 26, 2011 A&G Entertainment Productions and A&G Music presented The 4th annual Arnold G’s Birthday celebration 2011 for Sandra Dee Manoukian and Arnold G birthday! The event was hosted by Steven Curtis in a private residence in the Hollywood Hills, CA from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. To learn more about Diversity News Publications Family of Companies: IMPORTANT NOTE: IF YOU WANT DIVERSITY NEWS TV STAFF TO COVER YOUR EVENT AND PUBLISH ALL OVER THE INTERNET, PLEASE CONTACT US AT (213)321-9408 FOR PRICES AND DETAILS. FOR COMMERCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL BROADCAST USE CONTACT: For Media Credentials and all other Inquiries regarding Diversity News TV and its content please Email us: or For broadcast or professional use, you need rights to do so. Otherwise if you just want put our videos on your website,copy and paste the embedded code of the video into your website and remember to give proper credits. THE FINE PRINT: These videos are OWN, PRODUCED and RECORDED by Diversity News TV from Diversity News Productions/Publications of The Diversity News Publications Family of Companies. Any talent or subject on the videos do not own them, they should be lucky to be included in our coverage. If you want to buy the coverage - please contact us:

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