Episode 2 THE OBLIVION (Mono Sound)

Desturbia the series

An American series that breaks all the rules! When a violent murder and a disappearance of a local celebrity news anchor(Rochelle Taylor) occurs, the people of Desturbia are left behind with a dangerous mystery (WHO,WHY and WHERE?) that a killer could be living among them and that anyone could be a suspect. Season 1 will be revolving around a mystery, surrounding the town of Desturbia in the united states, the season will be about a girl who loses her memory after the aftermath of being attacked and kidnapped by an unknown assailant( early in the pilot,) the season will also include some small mystery's behind the major plot, which eventually will be connected, slowly things are revealed by the end of season 1 with a cliffhanger that leads to season 2, conspiracy coverups, music and entertainment are big factors on this show.