Episode 1: Jake's Here. No, really.

Entrepreneur-star-producer-host (aka, "TV's Jake Sasseville") has just moved to Chicago from New York to star and produce a new teen talk show with a big media company in Chicago ("The Scribe."). Problem is that the show doesn't exactly exist yet. Speed bump. Jake's primary concern is that Scribe exec (Molly) refuses to give him a contract. She then makes matters worse by sending one over which contains a clause that "Jake can be replaced at anytime". Jake takes matters into his own hands and goes after new sponsors to get some leverage. Simple enough. But in the process, Jake incidentally makes up a second show (which by the way, just happens to be the show you are watching now). Got it? Cool. Moving right along.

Delusions Of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur is a loosely scripted comedy series following one young guy's (delusional) rise to fame; starring an ensemble of the best in improv. www.cityofsass.com