Day[9] Daily #473 P3 - Nerchio vs BratOK - I'm back!

I'M BACK FROM VACATION! So, why not celebrate by doing the usual commentary on an absolutely delightful game between two top euros! Nerchio vs BratOK showcases the following critical important concepts: 1) Expansion locations in the mid and late game for Zergy! 2) Which expansions to attack as Terran in a crazy mid and late game! 3) How the expansion taking and attacking changes as the Zerg composition changes! This game is from DreamHack Summer 2012!


Professional StarCraft player, shoutcaster, and stand-up comedian Sean Day[9] Plott offers his own whimsical mix of strategy, analysis, humor and life instruction 5 days a week on his live internet television show focused on video games.