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Unusual! A first on the App Store, Free for 7 days. Rate your stress level with your iPhone with a simple, accurate and recognized. Application Stress Test uses all sensors of the iPhone to effectively estimate your general state of stress measuring minute movement disorders and tremors unintentional your muscles, whether rhythmic or arrhythmic, oscillatory, rotary, slow or rapid, localized or generalized, mild or severe, ... Other factors that favor these tremors stress: anxiety, stress, fatigue, alcohol, stimulants, heredity, or certain diseases such as Parkinson's disease. For current tremors caused by stress or coffee, it is urgent to adopt a healthy lifestyle. First and foremost: to limit or stop the exciting substances such as coffee, tea, nicotine, alcohol or taurine. Then, give yourself a daily hour of brisk walking, swimming or yoga. In short, it is important to relax. Eat a balanced diet, focusing on the contributions of iron and magnesium. Learn belly breathing and give yourself 10 minutes a day for deep breathing. This will help clear your tensions. And above all, get enough sleep. If despite a healthy lifestyle, you still suffer from stress and tremors, talk to your doctor who will ask a first diagnosis, and sometimes direct you to a specialist. This application is not intended for medical use, the stress measured is indicative only.

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