Minimeteo (review)

Minimeteo is a beautiful weather application with a very minimalist appeal in the design. You can view weather in either Cº or Fº. You can add your favorite cities or search cities you may soon be visiting to look up the 6 day forecast. Minimeteo uses the iPad's built in location to gather your current location to deliver your local weather. The app is beautiful but it does have a few bugs that I have noticed: 1. My local city is off by about 10 miles, it has my location as the neighboring city and there is no way for me to change my local city 2. The weather is off a few degrees and I have noticed it off by as much as 18º at one point My hope is that the developer can add a few options to the app that will allow me to change my location, also allow me to refresh the app to pull up the current weather. I believe the reason the weather is off is because the app has not refreshed or updated the current weather information. To the developer’s credit he does mention on his website that future updates are coming. I really hope so because this app has a lot of potential. Please subscribe to me on You can also follow me on Twitter @totalipad

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