Children's entertainer The Ukulady has some new songs... but can she find anybody to listen to them?


Craigslist TV is a unique and exciting webseries from Craigslist & documentary filmmakers Brownstone Entertainment. By choosing an opt-in button when posting on Craigslist, these users' real postings (approximately a 1,000 a day) have the chance of becoming the next webisode. Real Craigslist users are followed from the very beginning, when they post their ad and throughout their entire journey. This engaging webseries gives an amusing glimpse into the very real and human face of the everyday Craigslist users - divas, daredevils, drinking buddies and date-seekers. Stories ranging from a husband casting call to a ninja for hire show examples of the entertaining stories that come from Craigslist's everyday use. Real people. Real postings.