Cradle To Jail: Aaron and Ayryana Part II (Episode 8)

Aaron and Ayryana Part II AARONThe Escape Artist — Aaron, a former 4.0 student, once escaped from a hospital via the cartoon method of tying together his bedsheets; while in juvie he almost pulls off an escape by parading himself as a “weekender”, offenders who are ordered into detention for Friday to Sunday stints.Aaron will need more than wit and bravado to avoid a waiver to adult court. His last hope is that the safety net of the juvenile justice system will rescue him one last time. AYRYANAAyryana thought she was doing the right thing by waiting for her brother after being told to leave a high school football game for lack of ID. The officer told her to keep moving, but Ayryana wasn't going to leave her younger brother. And so she may have taken liberties with her 1st Amendment rights, to the point that she was arrested for maintaining a public nuisance and probation violation.Will the court see this as black and white, or will the Judge acknowledge the predicament that Ayryana finds herself in?

Cradle To Jail

From the confines of America's juvenile detention facilities to the razor wire of juvenile prison to the heart pounding juvenile courtroom hearings where everything is on the line, Cradle To Jail explores where juvenile crime begins, how it evolves, and what's at stake for kids, families and professionals in the system.