Paul Williams Memorial

I have a special prayer request for Arlene Williams (host of Cornerstone TeleVision's cooking show: At Home with Arlene Williams). This morning, May 3rd, Arlene's precious husband, Paul Williams, went home to be with the Lord.

Cornerstone TV produced programs

The Three Purposes for Christian Television and the Internet are powerful tools our Lord has given to touch a world He loves. Tools are designed for special purposes and uses. We deeply believe the tools of Christian media have been created and designed for three specific purposes: 1. TO PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL IN AS MANY VENUES AS POSSIBLE. Through teaching programs, musical presentations, talk shows, movies, and godly entertainment the Gospel message is to be proclaimed in many ways to attract and capture hearts. 2. TO BE THE BOOK OF ACTS. The Bible Book of Acts was the venue God used to left believers everywhere know they were part of a great move of God in our world. Encouraged by this information believers could better understand and perform their assigned place in the Kingdom. Christian media must report God’s work in our world encouraging believers in their unique assignments. 3. PLACE LAZARUS AT THE RICH MAN’S GATE. Whatever the rich man does with Lazarus is up to him but Christian media must make known the pains and urgent needs in our world along with reminding of the truth that as believers we are our brothers’ keeper. In using this powerful tool Cornerstone TeleVision seeks to: entertain, evangelize, and edify.