EP# 42: Travis Walton Case; Steve Pierce

www.conundrumstv.blogspot.com Steve Pierce, a logger on contract with Mike Rogers in 1975, witnessed the abduction of Travis Walton in Snowflake Arizona into a UFO November the 5th of that year. Though he has remained silent about the abduction for many years, Steve is now speaking out about the case and his perceptions of the event. Though he agrees with the story on most accounts, his observations of certain aspects of the story are different from the mainstream account of the tale. Steve tells in his own words what he saw and witnessed that fateful night. He recounts his involvement during the investigation whereby Travis was missing for five days, and he expresses his fears having been involved in the incident. Steve Pierce provides a fresh new look at the Travis Walton case and the surrounding media attention to the abduction. He discusses the "Fire in the Sky" movie and many of the films inaccuracies as well as his own personal UFO encounter while a truck driver.


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