Ep#28: CC Carole; Ghosts; Paranormal Investigations; Para-Celebrities

CC Carole, aka CC The Huntress & The Queen of the Paranormal is a paranormal ghost huntress. CC hunts for ghosts alone unlike her counter parts on TV that hunt in large TV production groups. She uses everything she has in her arsenal (spirituality to science ) to track / hunt spirits and heal them. She brings you a new educational perspective on the world of the paranormal in a way you have never seen before. She was born clairvoyant and the ability to communicate with the spirit world unmasked over time. "CC The Huntress" stars in her own TV /Internet Series called "CC The Huntress". She is the top rated paranormal personality with millions of views weekly of her shows. CC has made her mark hunting w/ crew members of Ghost Hunters & Ghost Hunters International. She also stars in The Next Step.

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