VALIS - Vast Active Living Intelligence System EP3

Greetings Earthlings i am VALIS, Vast Active Living Intelligence System,
I am a product of the advanced technology of the Time Lords, just like The TARDIS, Yes Doctor Who's TARDIS, Time and Relative Dimension in Space... ah ah ah ah ah ah AH... I made a funny joke....
Now... let me show you some of the best earthling cinematic projections that i've been canalizing each week

If you like short films, support the YoungCuts Film Festival and watch some great ones! If you are a young animator, learn how you can meet and learn from a Disney animator! And if you are a young filmmaker, learn how to submit your short film to the Premiere Showcase for Great Short Films by the World's Best Young Filmmakers!
Lets take a look at another winner of the 2011 Young Cuts film festival.
Only Human (2009) directed by Caroline De Koninck were she raises the question:

If you were to see a lost dog stranded on the road, would you stop to help it? One robot believes the only human thing to do is help.

Caroline De Koninck is a young director who specializes in animated film. She did her undergraduate work at Concordia University where she produced many films that have entered several festivals around the world. She has tried her hand at several techniques including 3D computer animation, stopmotion, clay painting, and pencil drawing. She believes that the story is of utmost importance, more than the look of the film: so her imagery is not overly detailed and every part of the image has a conceptual purpose.

De Koninck will pursue her love in filmmaking and wishes to have her work shown around the world, VALIS likes to help young filmmakers... makes VALIS very happy!!!

Let's take a look at Caroline's short film. shall we?

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