Yes Even You Can Find Work In This Economy: The Joel Boggess Episode

If you are looking for a career that you love (yes even in this economy) then you can get a lot of take aways and inspiration from todays guest Joel Boggess. About Joel: With the heart of a teacher and the patience of a friend, Joel blends his educational experience, (a Master’s in Counseling and an MBA) together with a passion for helping others to realize their God-given potential. Our goal: To inspire and empower people to get in touch with who they really are, so they can move confidently into the life and work they love. Our belief: Any occupation, no matter how worthy it sounds, or socially acceptable others think it may be, can not be called a “good job”, unless it is good for your spirit, your emotions, your relationships and your health. For anything to bring you true meaning and fulfillment, it must nurture you from the inside out. – Joel Joel currently serves on the advisory board of

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