Clutch ep 3: Pick a Pocket or Two

Hiding out in a scummy hotel, Kylie is haunted by the memory of her boyfriend Matt. She takes to the streets to do what she does best, while using her skills in a newfound manner to help out a prostitute across the hall.

Clutch the Series

Clutch is an alt-femme fatale thriller that is part Oliver part La Femme Nikita. Elitsa Bako (The Time Traveller, Antiviral) stars as the sexy and fierce pickpocket Kylie, whose life forever changes when she comes home to a hatchet poised over her boyfriend's wrist, and a 9mm Beretta pointed right at her. The 8 episode season follows Kylie's journey as she meets a hooker with a vengeance, an alluring dominatrix, and a thief who teaches her a thing or two about crime. Sex, strength and survival. It's going to take all three to get through this. Clutch contains mature content, including nudity, violence and coarse language and is not for younger viewers.