Classic Game Room - SPY HUNTER review for PS2

Spy Hunter review. Classic Game Room reviews SPY HUNTER for PlayStation 2 from Midway released in 2001. This awesome retro remake of Spy Hunter is more of a re-imagining of the series than a direct remake. Spyhunter gameplay is fast and awesome as you drive the new Interceptor through missions filled with enemies and obstacles. CGR Spy Hunter video review features Spyhunter PS2 gameplay in HD action recorded from PlayStation 2 (Spy Hunter is also available on Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PC and more). The original Spy Hunter was released in 1983 and while this game bears little in common with the original it is very challenging and filled with driving, shooting and boating! Watch as your car turns into a boat and motorcycle and crush enemies with missiles, machine guns and flame throwers!

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