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Cherry TV presents content for women about sex. Our shows offer relationship information, sex advice, discussions on orgasm and other sexuality issues, and technique tips and tricks.

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Episodes of Cherry TV

    • Advice For Better Sex

      We all have our special sexual moves, but how often do we add new tricks to our repertoire? Here the women of Cherry TV give advice on the best way to bust out new techniques ... and they explain how to use these tips to drive a man crazy!

      • Release date
        May 13, 2010
      • Runtime
    • Help Keeping It Light & Fun

      Everyone goes through periods where sex with our boyfriend/partner isn't as exciting as it once was. It becomes routine and can even seem like a chore. Listen in to this episode of Cherry TV's Cherry Dish where the women offer advice and ideas for getting out of the rut!

      • Release date
        Jul 13, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Bedroom Confidence

      Communication, vulnerability and personal connection explored. A partner may have all the "right moves" but are they right for you? The women discuss attitude vs. skills and taking the casual out of sex.

      • Release date
        Jul 2, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Bigger Better Orgasms

      The female orgasm can originate in the clitoris, the g-spot or even from behind. However, they all involve our PC muscles (the ones we use to hold in our pee when needed!) and the stronger they are, the more intense the orgasm. Here Ducky Doolittle on Cherry TV's Fresh Advice gives us tips on developing these muscles and .... POW!!

      • Release date
        Oct 28, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Intro. to Manual Masturbation

      Not all women masturbate … and those that do, do so in a variety of ways. Wednesday on Fresh Advice Jamye Waxman talks about manual masturbation, and provides tips in getting off.

      • Release date
        Jun 3, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Uneasy Sex Moments

      Not all lovers like the same things, so it is easy to pull a move that they don?t find amusing ? and vice versa! On this episode of Cherry TV's Cherry Dish the women tell a few humorous stories as well as more serious ones. Listen in to find out how to get out of an awkward situation.

      • Release date
        Jul 30, 2008
      • Runtime
    • Best of Awkward Sex

      It's happened to all of us -- weirdness in bed. And while we can laugh about it now, at the time, it was often mortifying and embarrassing. Listen in as the CherryTV women share their experiences.

      • Release date
        Oct 21, 2012
      • Runtime
    • Cherrybomb Promo

      Promo from -- a channel created by Jill Abrahams for Pseudo Programs in 1998.

      • Release date
        Aug 9, 2012
      • Runtime
    • Penis & Testicles

      Long, short, thick, thin ? penises come in all shapes & sizes. And while they all may feel good, some look better than others. What is it about a specific penis and its balls that we are attracted to? Or does it really just depend on who's attached? The women of Cherry TV discuss.

      • Release date
        Feb 24, 2009
      • Runtime
    • More On Missionary

      When one thinks about ?sex,? man on top, or missionary position tends to come to mind first. It?s often the way intercourse starts, and often ends. But do women like it? Does it enable orgasm and provide the intimacy desired? Here the women discuss ...

      • Release date
        Jan 25, 2011
      • Runtime