SYD2030 - Behind the Scenes with Abe

A look behind the scenes of SYD2030 with Abe Mitchell aka Cameron Hunter. Go to for all things S.Y.D!

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We can't get enough of local Sydney producer Shake Digga! This video features yet another of his wicked beats. Check out the rest of his stuff at

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Cameron Hunter lives the perfect life – heir to a legal legacy, top of the class, beautiful girlfriend - but even he has his secrets. So when his past comes back to get him how long will it take before the truth’s revealed? This years law students aren’t just making their mark in the classroom; these Eastern Suburbs socialites will stop at nothing to get what their hearts desire. Follow the friendships of Australia’s hottest web-series SYD2030 where the competition is fierce inside and outside the lecture class, seduction and love know no boundaries and trust and betrayal go hand and hand. So screw calm and get excited and don’t be late for your first class.