CBR TV: JMS on Joe's Comics' Secret Origins, "Ten Grand's" Future & "Sense8"

A veteran of comic books, TV and movies, J. Michael Straczynski made his first trip out to the CBR Speakeasy to sit down with Jonah Weiland and CBR TV for a lengthy and varied conversation about the many projects keep him busy. They begin with a chat about Straczynski's nomadic upbringing and how he always knew he was destined to be a writer. The conversation then moves into the secret origin of his Joe's Comics imprint at Image Comics, his plans for flagship title "Ten Grand" in the wake of artist Ben Templesmith's departure and why the subject matter gets back to his origins as a novelist.

Things wrap up with some words about why he took on "Terminator: The Final Battle" at Dark Horse and "Twilight Zone" for Dynamite, as well his ambitious new Netflix TV series, "Sense8," which he created along with The Wachowskis, and whether or not his confidence as a writer extends to his directing skills.

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