CATCH 4: "Live, as if you'll die today."

Maggie and Mickey went on a date; Maggie is desperately seeking a mate; Maggie and Mickey were having some fun; Then Maggie decided he wasn't "The One." Written, produced and directed by James Huffman. Web series PILOT stars Anne Judson Yager and Chris Tessitore Eighteen Wheels Burning From the album: "tweak'd out, strung up, and redlined"

CATCH: the first season

CATCH is a new internet series, written and produced by James Huffman. CATCH is a dark comedy that features Anne Judson Yager (BRING IT ON AGAIN, MINORITY REPORT) and Trevor Jones (NOTHING YOU'VE SEEN) as MAGGIE and JERRY, two star-crossed serial killers looking for love online. What will it take to satisfy their quest for true love. How far will they go to find it? Are they destined to find each other? And will that magical moment be Serendipitous? Or more like Alien VS Predator 3? By the way...what are they doing with all the bodies? Stay tuned...