CASTERS Episode 3, Part 2 'Emily'

Ronnie's sister comes clean about the lunch. Cal and Emily talk. Owen meets Dana and talks about her podcast.


CASTERS is a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional podcast out of Astoria, Queens. Each episode follows CAL and RONNIE (the show's co-hosts) and OWEN (the show's engineer) as they work to put up a new show as well as deal with their day-to-day lives. “...a webseries that captures the uncertainty of being in one’s twenties for a new generation in much the same way that Cameron Crowe did in the early 1990s with Singles...” ALTERNA-TV.COM “...ambitious promotional networking, as well as the polished production values, reveal a show biz savvy and creative ingenuity that elevates the series above typical indie web fare.” PLACEVINE STUDIOS “ drama in the serialized-fiction mode that defines the Web series...” NEW YORK TIMES