Black Folk Don't: Season 2.0 Trailer

We’re back!! Thanks to you this entire season is made up of audience suggestions of even more things black folk don’t do like swim, go camping, have eating disorders, get married, do atheism, and commit suicide. And this time we took the whole crew down to the “big easy” for blackness with some cajun spice to it. Thanks to MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry and Toure for chatting with us and bringing some fresh insights to the topics in this season. Check it out now and catch FRESH NEW EPISODES STARTING TUESDAY, JUNE 26th!

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Black Folk Don't

In this irreverent documentary web series from, director Angela Tucker hits the streets to ask some questions about certain assumed behavior black folk are infamous for doing, or not doing ins some cases - from tipping, to therapy and winter sports, the themes are diverse, just like the many perspectives.