Michael Jackson Tribute in HD

**USE HEADPHONES For a Magical Experience!!** A group of young Hollywood artists came together to recreate MJ's Earth Song and there is no denying... the Magic was in the studio. 50/50 music group's Dani Wright was inspired by MJ and found it necessary to bring her talented friends together to honor and pay tribute to the King of Pop with this 2010 video remake of "Earth Song". Not only is this a tribute to the King, but it is a call to action, and a recognition of the times we are living in. Don't simply watch this video,share it with your friends, family, and the world to help renew and live out the legacy created by the world's greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson. Long Live the King. Produced By: Dani' Wright Directed by: Prophet Shot By: Ed Magik and Basim Abdel'Aziz Edited & Produced by: Michael Melendy 50/50 Music Group copyright 2010 A Dani Wright Production. In Parnership with the Hip Hop Global Reach Foundation

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