Making of the music video "Fed Up" Directed By Mike Melendy

Check out the making of the video "Fed Up" with artist Dani Wright, Directed by Michael Melendy. The video was shot in Los Angeles CA over the course of 2 days. Dani is an up and coming singer who has been making noise around the music industry for over the past 2 years. Dani has been endorsed by Brandi, The Jackson family, and many other iconic music figures.

The Director Michael Melendy, a bay area native, provides an eye popping, colorful array of imagery that helps add to the depth and story lying within the concept itself. Stay tuned for the world premiere of the "fed Up" Music Video.

Ceo of 50/50 Music Group INC.: Prophet

Artist: Dani Wright

Song: Fed Up

Director: Michael Melendy

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