Field Trippin' - 2010 Lexani Lifestyle Festival

Lexani Wheels threw their first car culture lifestyle show in 2010, and it was a blast! Held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California, the show included all sorts of show cars, motorcycles, drifting demos, carnival rides, live music, a bikini contest, MMA demos, freestyle motocross and more. A sunny day with cool cars, beautiful women, good music... What more could a fella ask for?

Bite Me TV

Bite Me TV was an award winning experiment in lifestyle web TV programming, a group of creative friends exploring the possibilities of new media. Between 2008 and 2011, Bite Me TV produced a number of web series' including Car Culture, Quick Bite!, BITE ME! the Man Cooking Show, Drink 'n Play and Field Trippin'. We explored the import car scene, auto racing, the entertainment industry, cooking, drinking, partying and more...and we had a great time doing it!