Behind The Counter Comics Ep. 28 - RIP BIG 3-9-12

On this spectacular spectacle of Behind the Counter, Rich and Jon ride their techno horses into your hearts like real Neon Knights. They cover some pertinent comic information such as who will be in the epic Spider-men story from Marvel, the epic Avengers v. X-Men crossover, and a bit of industry spec about DC comics. They enter the Negative Zone and throw a few jabs at grant Morrison's run on Action Comics. Then they cannonball into the books of the week which include Manhattan Projects #1 and The Boys #64! Stay tuned next week because you never know WHO might show up!

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Behind The Counter Comics (Video)

Behind the counter is a weekly show on the GFQ network about the world of comic books and all things related. Cohosts Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler bring the audience that conversational vibe that everyone wants from their comic guys. They like comics as much as you do and are dedicated to bring you the best hour of comic book programming each week, touching on a variety of comic related topics without the snark.