Wall Street Journal Deploying iPhone 4 Globally for News Gathering and Live Streaming

The Wall Street Journal is training its print reporters to use the iPhone 4 for video news gathering and live streaming, says Kevin Delaney, Managing Editor of the WSJ.comAfter deploying Sony camcorders and Kodak pocket cameras, the Journal has settled on the iPhone 4 as the device of choice for field reporting, he says in this interview with Beet.TVThe iPhone is in the hands of about two dozen reporters with more to be provided to many of 2000 Journal and Dow Jones newswire staffers around the world, he says.In February, that The New York Times had begun to use the iPhone 4 for video reporting.I spoke with Delaney on Tuesday at the conference where he was a panelist on a session I moderated on the topic of online video journalism.Below is a photo of the panel, from left to right:

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