Shazam Powers "Second Screen" View of World Series, Presidential Elections Next

The World Series is Shazam-enabled, allowing television viewers in the United States to use their mobile and tablet devices to synch up to their televisions for up-to-the minute news, social buzz, stats and other information about the game, says David Jones, EVP for Marketing for the London-based company. Shazam announced its deal with Major League Baseball earlier this month. Shazam had its biggest television deal this summer when it enabled all of NBC Sports coverage or the London 2012 Olympics. The Shazam app "listens" to the audio of a broadcast and immediately synchs to the programming, providing companion information as well as advertising. Shazam indexes some 160 U.S. television, cable and satellite channels. Shazam and the U.S. Elections While it doesn't have arrangements in place with U.S. broadcast or cable news channels, Shazam will allow viewers to synch up with all of them, providing them with relevant information. Originally a service to identify and purchase music, the company has made a big move this year with "second screen" consumption around television. Andy Plesser

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