Episode 76 - In bed with the beer men

The episode you hoped you'd never have to watch. The beer men, in bed. Together. Drinking craft beer. Maybe this is the episode to watch with your eyes closed and mouth open (Warning: features an awesome Epic Brewing beer from New Zealand).

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Todd, Mark, Steve and Damien are a group of Aussies that want to take you on a beer journey to a place where your taste-buds rule. The beer men are excited about sharing with you the pleasures of the massively expanding varieties of better beer available within Australia and the rest of the world. If you've never felt comfortable straying from the well worn path of your trusty, "old favourite" beer, please join us for a real treat. We'd like nothing more than to convince your palate into dragging you into the local bottle-o and picking out some brews that will ignite your senses.