Youtuber Spotlight Episode #1: Interview with BDT87

Welcome to the Youtuber Spotlights Podcast 2012

Episode #001: Interview with BDT87

Here i interview BDT87; a long term friend of mine with a lot of experience of the pros and cons of making videos on the internet.

In this episode we discuss

*BDT87's history on Youtube
*Trials and Tribulations of Film Making
*The effects of trolling on Youtubers

*Richard Bacon's "The Anti Social Network" (Copyright BBC 2012):

and much more!!!

Interview conducted by James Petford
Interviewee BDT87:

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Approximate Run-time Length: 50 minutes

Coming Soon: An Interview with NeoGameSpark

Plus my thoughts on the Mass Effect 3 Ending controversy. (Spoiler Alert!)

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