'Painting Topical Tip' by Paul Taggart – Scaling Made Easy for a Still-Life

This Topical Tip came out of the set of Lessons in the series ‘Learn To Enjoy Painting’ which features a still-life painting produced in Artists’ Quality Soft Pastels – from Lesson 21 onwards. .......................... However, the principal of the tip is not confined to this medium – it is applicable to any painting or drawing composition. .......................... Although the painting on which Paul Taggart is working in that set of Lessons is much bigger than the actual still-life that he is capturing – it is of such a scale simply to enable viewers to see the painting properly as it progresses. A still-life is however best kept within the actual size of the subject that is being painted. .......................... This guide will help demystify what can seem to be a complex process – that of accurately scaling the composition to reflect the scale of the still-life itself. .......................... 'Painting Topical TIps' by Paul Taggart is a dedicated series that not only stands alone, but will also help you with the various Painting Tutorial Projects, Learn To Enjoy Painting episodes and so on. .......................... Each episode concentrates on a particular aspect within a technique - in which the Artist and Author Paul Taggart carries out a detailed demonstration, whilst also providing a running commentary.

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