Classic Game Room Vs. Arcade Hunters: Gottlieb's Challenger!

From PAPA 14 in Pittsburgh PA comes Mark from Classic Game Room Vs. Nick from Arcade Hunters in Gottlieb's Challenger!

Challenger was released in 1971 and it is a Vs. Pinball Machine. Each player gets three turns and your goal is to try to score as many points as you can while you have the table slanted towards you. If you can get the ball into your opponents goal you get 1000 points!

According to the Internet Pinball Database only 100 of these machines were ever produced. Not too many head to head Vs. Pinball games exist and this is a rare treat to play.

Special thanks to Mark from Classic Game Room for playing a game with us! Be sure to check out the Classic Game Room channel on YouTube for a ton of great gaming content!

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