Toddler Counting

If you’re teaching your child to count, Toddler Counting is a must-have.Designed by parents in coordination with preschool teachers, Toddler Counting helps teach basic counting skills, and even makes it fun for your toddler. This app is a follow-on to the wildly popular Toddler Flashcards——

Features include:* each object grays out on first touch, to teach your child not to count the same object twice* numbers count out loud as your child counts* digits are displayed along with the sounds, to teach reading the numbers* over a hundred realistic photos* kind words of encouragement after each set, to keep your child’s attention

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Apps for Children with Special Needs is designed to showcase iPad Apps that can help families with special needs children decide if the APP is appropriate for them or indeed what they thought it was. We do this by demonstrating the APP on video to show how it works before you buy it.