iPad Podcast Episode 106 Share Data July 20, 2012

This episode of the iPad Podcast concerns these stories and apps:

AT&T Gets Into Shared Data/The Verge

Apple uses reservation system for iPad sales in China to avoid …/Comuterworld

Apple’s new iPad launches in China with short queues and no chaos/TheNextWeb.com

Galaxy v. Ipad: When Advertising Boosts Your Competitor/WSJ

iPad prototype had bigger screen, was a full inch thick/CNET

Microsoft Office 15 intro comes without iPad Flavor/CNET

What Fotopedia can tell us about Friday's China iPad launch/GigaOM

Qantas puts an iPad behind every 767 seat/Zdnet

Updated My Xbox LIVE iOS app brings console control to iPad/Apple Insider

Sparrow Email Mac And iOS App Acquired By Google, No Plans To Release New Features/Cult of Mac

RichText Edit for the iPad - At Last!/MacObservor

RichText Edit for iPad (99 cents)

Trapit (free)

Figure app (free)

Vodio (free)

Game Table (99 cents)

Diptic (free)

Giant Scoreboard app (free)

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