Apple Podcast Episode 105 $500 February 11, 2012

This episode of the Apple Podcast concerns these stories, apps and devices:

Apple stock almost hits $500 per share

Apple sells scaled-back 13-inch MacBook Air to schools/Macnn

More Claims of MacBook Pro Adopting MacBook Air Form Factor in 2012 Redesign/MacRumors

Apple to Announce iPad 3 First Week in March/AllThingsD

Apple May Announce an iPad Upgrade in March

iPad 3 incoming, WiFi + 3G iPad 2 models facing supply constraints and shortages at major retailers/9 to 5

AT&T Introduces LTE Micro-SIMs You May Need For Your iPad 3/Cult of Mac

Retina Display iPad 3 Would Have More Pixels Than Most Macs [Chart]/Cult of Mac

Apple Pushes for Clarification on Licensing of FRAND Patents/MacRumors

Apple brings its German battle with Moto home to CA/GigaOm

The Real Reasons Apple Will Ship a 7-Inch iPad/Cult of Mac

US government dumps BlackBerry in favor of iPhone, iPad for NOAA/THELOOP

AT&T to double upgrade fee as device prices go up/MacNN

Elevation Dock: The Best Dock For iPhone/Kickstarter

FBI File Shocker: Steve Jobs Was a Willful, Mercurial Ex-Hippie …/WSJ

FBI releases background investigation on Steve Jobs from 1991/theVerge

A Real Apple TV Is Coming

My Friend Siri/AssistantExtensions

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