Apple Podcast Ep. 124 The Trial August 5, 2012

This episode of the Apple Podcast concerns these stories:

Apple's jury trial against Samsung

In Apple-Samsung trial, it's John Quinn v. Judge Koh/ Alison Frankel/ Reuters

Let's Talk About This Picture of a Samsung F700/Nilay Patel/

Five Things We Learned at the Apple-Samsung Trial Last Week/All Things D

Why Apple Is 'Losing' the Samsung Lawsuit So Far/ Cult of Mac/Mike Elgan

Apple's Bid For Samsung Sanctions Denied By Patent Trial Judge/

Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Event Planned for September 12, iPhone 5 Release Date for September 21/ Rene Ritchie

New Video of “iphone 5 glass lens” Leaks/ via

Leo Laporte is Wrong about the iPhone 5

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