Anyone But Me: Series Finale "We Went Down to Battery Park"

Vivian and Aster confront their past to see if there’s a future. And an unexpected intrusion throws everyone off guard, forcing a decision.

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Anyone But Me

Introducing a new generation - gay, straight, and ethnically diverse - coming of age in a post 9/11 world, searching for love and belonging as they confront their identities and ride the waves of sexual awakening. Shot in high-definition digital video on location in and around New York City and Los Angeles, Anyone But Me is a fresh take on the universal conflicts that shape us all. Executive producer/writer Susan Miller is an Obie award-winning playwright (My Left Breast ) and was a Consulting producer/Writer on the first season of Showtime's The L Word and ABC's landmark series thirtysomething. Executive Producer/Writer/Director Tina Cesa Ward took top honors for her film, In Their Absence , which was screened at film fests around the globe. A "relevant new drama." --TubeFilter News Transcends the oft-politicized aspects of its storyline, and simply reminds us of what it feels like to be young and in love. "The L Word goes to High School Anyone But Me. Undeniably appealing." --Tilzy.TV "Anyone But Me brings awareness of the challenges of growing up in a generation that doesn't remember life pre-9/11. And the chemistry between the two girls is undeniable.-- "It's refreshingly apparent in the first episode that this series isn't cut from the same cloth as most of the teenage dramas on television, instead delivering a more realistic depiction of teenage issues compared to the oft-escapist TV shows populated with vapid and privileged youth." --Philadelphia Gay News