The Andrew Zarian Show Ep.98 - Im a Comedian 5-5-11

This week on " The Andrew Zarian Show" : Comedian Tim Dillon Joins us on the show. Kunal returns after taking a week off. We found out about his drinking habits, why he yells at cab drivers and how he got drunk at brunch. Also on this weeks show we discussed the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden , Andrew getting ready to attend blogworld and the news. All this and more on this weeks "Andrew Zarian Show“The Andrew Zarian Show” is sponsored by:
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Simply put, the Andrew Zarian Show is the main event of the GFQ Network. Hosted by GFQ founder Andrew Zarian, along with Coco, Kunal, and Jess–they get down and dirty and discuss everything from what’s going down, the news, and even get down to the nitty gritty of their personal lives. Nothing is off limits and everything is totally on the record. Prepare yourself for some of the best entertainment out there, brought to you from some of the best that the GFQ family has to offer. Thrills, chills, and laughs delivered every week to your favorite viewing method. This is the what broadcast entertainment should be. The Andrew Zarian Show airs every Monday night at 7pm eastern.