Crazy 8s Workout (Kuclo style) by American Fitness Network

Song is Sky Parade-Lonely Alibis
A great routine to get you over that plateau, or jolt some growth into lagging arms. This workout continuously hammers both heads of the bicep. The workout guidlines are as follows: 1. Perform all 8 excersizes in a row 2. Choose a weight that will allow you to perform 6-8 reps per exercise 3. Repeat this 8 exercise cycle 3 times to achieve a total of 24 exercises. 4. Rest only between sets if your body requires. Ideally, you would rest for 90 to 120 sec. when finished with the cycles. The time it takes you to switch exercises should be sufficient rest during the cycle. The goal is to get the pump in your arm and keep it there throughout the routine. Sometimes the gym is too busy to follow this routine exactly. It is important to keep moving through the cycle! Dont wait for equipment. Improvise your exercises if you must. Example: Our first exercise, we had to use a straight barbell in lieu of the EZ bar. Part 2 coming soon. And we want credit where credit is due so head nod to Steve Kuclo for this routine.

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