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High school senior Steve Davis sets out to make the movie that will get him into film school and win him the girl of his dreams.

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Episodes of Admissions

    • Admissions (trailer)

      G-Media presents the story of Steve Davis, a high school senior who figures he can get into film school if he makes a movie starring the most beautiful girl in town.

      • Release date
        Nov 10, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 1: "How I Didn't Write My College Essay"

      When his essay-writing options fall through, Steve decides to "film" his college application, and enlists his friends to convince Sharon McTeague to star in the project.

      • Release date
        Nov 15, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 2: "Gun Shots"

      Desperate to make a "director's reel" that will get Sharon's attention, Steve and Dan rush into production on a war film, unaware that the opposing "army" is a group of paintball sharpshooters.

      • Release date
        Nov 27, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 3: "How to Treat a Lady"

      Still without a reel, Steve decides to shoot "just the best parts" of his portfolio, inspired by cliches from Dan's favorite films. But Sharon's not fooled that easily.

      • Release date
        Dec 4, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 4: "My Evil Twin Half-Brother"

      Steve agrees to help Dan shoot his epic, hoping that the proper treatment of a strong female character will convince Sharon to appear in "The Incident."

      • Release date
        Dec 11, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 5: "Heating Up"

      Dan may be banned from the set as Steve and Sharon start shooting "The Incident," but that doesn't mean he won't show up.

      • Release date
        Dec 18, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 6: "Everything's Not Working"

      Steve's production of "The Incident" suffers from difficult rewrites, scheduling mishaps, mechanical problems, a new deadline ... and worst of all, an absent leading lady.

      • Release date
        Dec 30, 2012
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 7: "Finally Shooting Dan"

      With Sharon back in town, there's only one problem with Steve's heartbreaking, Casablanca-topping, epic kiss in the rain: there's no rain.

      • Release date
        Jan 8, 2013
      • Runtime
    • EPISODE 8: "A Kiss in the Rain"

      Dan takes a big step to ensure that Steve's premiere is better than he imagined.

      • Release date
        Jan 12, 2013
      • Runtime
    • Admissions: the blooper reel

      I mean, not everything went perfectly.

      • Release date
        Mar 11, 2013
      • Runtime