Ep 1 And So It Begins ...

Pet psychologist, Dr. Marsha Mayright (Deb Sears), needs a fitting test case for her upcoming book. After interviewing various dogs at the park, she chooses to help Vita, and her indecisive owner, Junie (Meeshelle Neal). And so the hilarious seven episode adventure — sometimes wacky, sometimes sublime — begins.

Vita Bella: The Dogumentary

In this fun mockumentary, Vita, a camera-phobic dog, takes her flighty but loving owner, Junie , and a pet psychologist with hidden talents, Dr. Marsha Mayright, on an often hilarious journey exploring the many possible reasons for Vita’s fear. Along the way, they uncover a thwarted pet assassin, explore the world of makeovers and self-esteem, deal with a fame-hungry ‘pup-arazzo’ and encounter a ‘bow-wowist’ who believes Vita is the reincarnation of his sect’s Lama. These adventures, which strike a balance between wacky and sublime, include a slapstick search for a lost Vita, a bicycle chase, dog park mayhem and a frazzled squirrel. Eventually, through all this, Dr. Marsha and Junie realize their individual gifts and so find their way to living a “vita bella.”