Kleins96 on The GrindPRC_071511

Interview with the guys from Kleins96 following the Chris Walters book reading show at DV8 in Edmonton with Kroovy Rookers. The guys discuss their album Modern Fortune, the diversity of the artists on Harvest King Records as well as the range of influences that work their way in to the Kleins96 sound. Check out http://www.harvestkingrecords.com/?p=405 for info on their newest release. or watch the full DV8 set at www.thegrindprc.ca

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Conversations with today's touring Punk Rock bands + video of their sets = The Grind We're also a show on PunkRadioCast.com that airs Fridays at 12pm PST / 3PM EST / 9PM CEST We routinely bring a video camera along to the events and post some interview parts along with live songs from the bands on our show. We've talked with the biggies like Rise Against, Gallows, Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Death By Stereo, Strung Out, etc and love sharing quality, new and up and coming bands on the scene. The Grind basically covers Western Canada (where we're based out of) but occasionally venture to parts of the United States & Europe to bring back some punk rock goods! Along with interviews, we also regularly feature wicked bands in our From The MailBox segment, where we spin a few songs and give some related info to bands that we think you should know about. Although we're on PunkRadioCast.com... we're not limited to Radio, or to punk. As previously mentioned, check out our Grind Videos on Blip TV, or at www.thegrindprc.com. If we think it's cool, you'll hear something about it on the Grind, be it rock, metal or the many factions & fractions of punk rock. Check it out! Tell your Friends! Cheers