105: Why Are The Police Here?

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The opening ends early. Alexandra (Christina Lee) has Eli (Mykee Selkin) call 911. Thomas (David Mingrino) tell Alexandra about the new security measures and Ruth (Cynthia Sosa) calls Richie (George Villas).
Special Guest Star
Joseph D. Reitman

Writer/Director - Eric Scot
Producer - Carla Nassy
Creative Producer - Mark Dawson
Associate Producer - Heather Ankeny

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The Gallery

Ongoing family drama about what happens when love becomes vendetta and desire is obsessive. Where there is murder there is Love. Families collide and money corrupts. Downtown Los Angeles shines like a jewel in this ever growing city. Set in the powerful international world of art. Those that shape this world are all hiding something and battling demons. With all their children and only the one life each has to live, there is nothing general about this tale.