ShowYou app, FaceNiff, Windows 8, Facebook Search, Stolen Macbook, iPad kidney

Tech Webcast Episode 129 Hosts: Brad & Jason Oakley Special Guest: Mark from Remixation & ShowYou app. Tech News: The FaceNiff Android application can let you steal information and passwords from Facebook and Twitter from anyone on a local WiFi Network. Microsoft debuts Windows 8 with a demonstration. It will run on tablets and looks like the whole Operating System is geared towards tablets even on the desktop. Facebook Search: Facebook advises they may soon dip into the Search market soon and challenge Google on their own turf with a Social Search system. A man?s MacBook is stolen and he uses software to take photos of the thief and it helps the police capture the criminal and return the stolen laptop. A boy sells his kidney to get money to buy an iPad, unbeknownst to his parents.

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