The Varagraha krties of Muthia Bhagvathar

This video slide-show is a rare production of seven krties (works) called "Vaaragraha Krties" of Gayaka Shikhaamani, Sangeetha Kalaanidhi Dr. L. Muthia Bhagavatar (1877-1945), Musician-in Chief of the Court of the Princely State of Mysore, Southern India.

Composed in the Karnataki style of classical Indian music, they are dedicated to the Deities presiding over the seven days of the week. The krties (composed in the Sanskrit language adhering to its literary traditions) have been rendered in a pristine style original to Muthia Bhagavatar by Sangeetha Vidvan Vaidyalinga Bhagavatar.

The lyrical content reflects the mythological and astrological attributes of the Deities seen as anthropomorphic entities which have preferences in the choice of colour, in the gems embedded in the ornaments they wear, in the the types of animal figures they ride and so on. They also have the power to control the lives of humankind in various ways.

Created and narrated by Dr. S.N. Balasubrahmanyam, technical assistance by Vibhavaree Gargeya, drawings by S. Rajam and violin by Shri Raman Iyer.

Created in Seattle.

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