Winnie The Pooh Film Verdict

It's nice to have something light hearted to counter all the loud explosions, death, rape, and destruction that litters the majority of movies I see. Something charming and cute. With a simple plot of "finding a new tail for Eyeore," you can't get any more light then that. A fun short story before the movie plays as well. There are moments I feel the characters get too stupid such as when they were stuck in a hole in the ground; But it saves itself by being self aware at those times, or even when it's being annoying. Example being: When ever someone came up with a new tail for Eyeore they sang the same song and when it came to Kanga she stops them and says "lets celebrate with silence." Stuff like that made me smile. Yes the movie is nothing but fluff'n-stuff with a simple message of thinking about friends before yourself that probably could of been summed up in ten minutes but it's what I expected and I think it's what me and everyone else wanted to see in a movie like this. By all means see this, you'll have fun.

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