Museumsinsel - In A Berlin Minute (Week 23) [HD]

The Museumsinsel Berlin is an island on the Spree river, which hosts currently five museums and also the Berliner Dom. Because the latter does not show up on the official map for the museum island and of course, is not a museum, I left it mostly out of this quick 1-minute montage of the five museums. I had enough material is it is - and all that without stepping foot into a single museum. The museums in order of appearance are: Alte NationalgallerieNeues MuseumAltes MuseumPergamonmuseumBode Museum By the way there was a bit of construction going on, which I did film - but decided to leave out since there was just so much footage. The new and improved (museums connected by tunnels) Museumsinsel is supposed to be open by 2015.The music featured is Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049. It is produced and performed (I suppose through electronic means) by Kevin MacLeod (, who is making tracks available for free through Creative Commons License, which is totally awesome! Thanks, Kevin!

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