Manhattan Bridge View - In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 97)

The view from the subway crossing the Manhattan bridge with the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline (formerly with World Trade Center, now with Freedom Tower) is one of my favorite views of the city. From my earliest days of living in Gravesend/Midwood and commuting to my job at the W Hotel in Midtown to a day like today (not my best) this view always reminds me how much I love this city and how there's no place like it. Because I have the flu and my cat is very ill and I need to take him to the vet today and, honestly, because I'm a little tired of people commenting that my videos are edited too fast and I should hold on shots longer, I've kept it very simple today. I hope you, who like the faster edited videos with more variety, still enjoy this special view of New York - and if you'd like I can show you the evening view another time. The song in the video is called "Half Boy Half Girl" and was created by none other than Jason Matherne.

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