Miss Jones Sizzle Reel w/ Encore

In spite of years of psychiatric treatment, ANGELINA JONES (James Di Giacomo), 30's, is a man who lost his mind when his wife mysteriously went missing. In order to cope, he has assumed the persona of his wife, Angelina, a woman/grieving widow who works as a low level Hollywood gossip news reporter for a crappy cable network. Hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE, Angelina frequents Miss Lolly's (Dot Jones) Speed Dating Club, where she meets: JACOB, (James Kyson) a devout Atheist; a CHRISTIAN GLAM ROCKER who is a recovering heroin addict; KELLY an amorous deviant who mistake's Angelina to be a chick with d*ck, and DOUBLE D a celebrity transsexual mafia hit-man from the FBI's Witness Protection Program. Angelina's delusional hopes of making a better life for herself and her son gets blindsided by the sudden reappearance of her foul-mouthed, married-to-the-mob mother, CONNIE CAMPOLITARRO (Patty McCormack).

HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES? is a cross between AB FAB meets THE SOPRANOS meets a hot young sexy DAME EDNA.

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Have You Met Miss Jones?

Thirty-something "widow" ANGELINA JONES, works as a fame-struck Hollywood gossip reporter hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE. But Angelina is really Joe's father, who lost his mind after the mysterious disappearance of his wife.