Episode 7: Smoke and Vodka

As night falls on Miss Lolly‘s, a tipsy Angelina (James Di Giacomo) cozies up to Double D (Greg Bryan). Later, at the crack of dawn, Angelina arrives at her apartment to find Connie (Patty McCormack) asleep on the couch. It becomes instantaneously obvious that there is no love lost between mother and daughter, but what neither one of them realize as they bicker is that an unexpected visitor is lurking about and trying to gain access to Angelina's apartment building.

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Have You Met Miss Jones?

Thirty-something "widow" ANGELINA JONES, works as a fame-struck Hollywood gossip reporter hell bent on finding a father figure for her gay teenage son JOE. But Angelina is really Joe's father, who lost his mind after the mysterious disappearance of his wife.